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September is the month of Solar Power International (SPI), the largest solar event in North America. The attendees at SPI represent all segments of the solar industry, from installers, utilities, C&I, and more. This year SPI is taking place in Salt Lake City, in the booming solar market Utah. So for more than one reason SPI the perfect place for you to meet the OTT HydroMet team representing both Kipp & Zonen and Lufft. We will be expecting you at booth #5237.

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Ubicación: Anaheim, CA, USA

About SPI

At Solar Power International you can meet everyone who’s anyone in solar energy in North America, like installers and contractors, engineering firms, architects, builders and developers, investors and financiers, i.e. the full range of industry experts, leaders, and professionals. There are ample networking opportunities and over 100 education sessions throughout the event, including sessions right on the show-floor. This robust educational program includes innovative sessions, in-depth workshops and sponsored trainings. And above all you’ll find both Kipp & Zonen and Lufft there to help you resolve your day-to-day solar monitoring issues.

All you need to monitor weather at a solar plant

We highly recommend that you stop by booth 5237 for a warm welcome and a chat with our joint team about the perfect set-up for solar energy projects. Together with Lufft, Kipp & Zonen offers equipment to measure all the weather parameters that influence power generation. From Smart pyranometers for irradiance, to compact weather stations and our unique soiling measurement system DustIQ; all sending data by Modbus® directly to your SCADA system.

Stop by booth 5237

The team is excited to present our combined solutions for solar energy monitoring. This year we will visualize how the elements of the weather can impact solar energy and we expect you to join us and experience just how big of an impact irradiance, wind, temperature, precipitation and soiling have.  

The Kipp & Zonen Smart pyranometers are benchmark in the solar industry to monitor performance and measure accurately the incoming irradiance. We show you the variety we have in pyranometers, ranging from the highest quality used by the scientific community, to the most popular SMP10 and the RT1 specially designed for rooftop PV installations.

We will display Lufft’s integrated weather stations that combine multiple weather measurements in a small and convenient housing. But also, the single wind and precipitation sensors. We might invite you to challenge these sensors on the booth with an experiment.

Although all these elements influence the performance ratio, it is soiling that has the largest impact. Add DustIQ to your monitoring set-up and you know exactly what amount of energy you are losing due to soiling. DustIQ helps you decide when to clean your solar power plant. Is saves costs and ensures maximum performance. Stop by the booth to check how it works and integrates into a PV plant.

We look forward to welcoming you at booth #5237 in Salt lake City! 

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