Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017

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In October of this year the seventh edition of the Meteorological Technology World Expo (MTX) will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Netherlands being our home country we have every reason to go the extra mile. Our booth will be rather spectacular and we’ll have something new for you.

de 10 de octubre a 12
Ubicación: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About MTX 2017

Meteorological Technology World Expo aims at everyone involved in the decision-making process in climate, weather and hydro-meteorological measurement, prediction and analysis technologies, but also at service providers. Visitors can expect to see numerous exhibits from leading manufacturers of measurement instruments and analysis tools and from renowned service providers from all corners of the globe. Meteorological Technology World Expo is a truly international event!

Apart from our spectacular booth, what can we offer you? 

As indicated in the first paragraph of this event item we intend to surprise you with something new, in fact we intend to present to you two exciting innovations. We cannot give you any details just yet, but do come and see for yourself!

Of course we will also to show you a selection of our high quality, very accurate solar radiation measuring instruments such as our range of Smart pyranometers, our SHP 1 pyrheliometer and SGR 4 pyrgeometer, and of course RaZON+ which we launched last year.


Just to jog your memory, RaZON+ is the innovative and user friendly turn-key solution that provides all components of solar irradiance, such as Direct Normal (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI) and calculated Global Horizontal (GHI), as well as sunshine duration. Particularly interesting features of RaZON+ are the maintenance free Gear Drive sun tracker and the anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer design. RaZON+ is not just innovative and user friendly, it is also really affordable.
For more details please check:

Kipp & Zonen video

To give you an impression of what we are and what we can do for you, please check out the video we made last year:


Booth 9020 is where you want to be!

Are you getting excited to meet us? You will find us at booth no. 9020. Our exhibition crew will be available to answer your questions, inform you about our measuring solutions, and – even more importantly – learn about your measuring challenges and your ideas for the future of solar radiation monitoring. Your input is what we need to fulfil your present and future demands. Naturally, you are also invited for a Dutch stroop waffle and a friendly chat.

For more information on MTX 2017:

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